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full body commisions
Bubble body by SqueezyBear
Smexy nurse by SqueezyBear
Rainy days by SqueezyBear
Happy 4th by SqueezyBear
i will do a full body commission for 25 points
I will not draw:
-regular sex
-any fetish that involves excrement and harm
-growing body parts
-showing private area
Your character will either be partcially inked or completely inked which will need to add an extra 100 points
but just for a piece to be inked will be 250
Bust and theme commissions
Determination! by SqueezyBear
Anna or Maybell by SqueezyBear
Happy Mothers Day!! by SqueezyBear
Don't say it!! by SqueezyBear
 bust and theme commissions
Banner Commissions
one of my arts... by SqueezyBear
Spring Break! by SqueezyBear
Let's start new... by SqueezyBear
Thankie You by SqueezyBear
colored banners are 5 points extra  but you would have to put them in the donation pool
But black and white are regular
the price can be between 350-400 points
Comics/character development sheets
Unscuttle by SqueezyBear
Page one? by SqueezyBear
Starlocket:Squeezi by SqueezyBear
more details later




SqueezyBear has started a donation pool!
148 / 600
i would like to receive points to donate and future stuff

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    Donated Jun 27, 2016, 4:58:56 PM
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SqueezyBear's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
For my watchers and llama givers
I'll add more later.....right now that's all ya need to know....
Also....kind of lazy...
ALsO, I freakin' love comments...LEAVE THEM..because i care
also, i had a tumblr,and i will post stuffs


Anarchy PandS by SqueezyBear
Anarchy PandS
I drew this,and for some reason,I wanna draw them more...
I might draw the demon sisters,if you want,but at the moment...they're a little difficult to draw.

Oh well,hope you enjoy! -\_🙂_/-
Also check it out on my tumblr:
And my personal one to
If...ya know...your interested,Baka:
Polar bear ice mage? by SqueezyBear
Polar bear ice mage?
When I first tried to draw,it didn't really have work out?
So this came out instead
It's me
After all this time...
Is it me your looking for...
(But seriously it be me in the doddle)
Me as Mei by SqueezyBear
Me as Mei
It took me three tries to try and draw this,but I did it

Besides we're basically the same character:
-our favorite color is blue
-we enjoy the cold
-we despise the heat
-we both wear glasses
-we're both a bit smol
-and we're both a little chubby around the edges
If I were Asian,I'd basically be her
Squeezi the Viking (wip) by SqueezyBear
Squeezi the Viking (wip)
A idea I had a long time ago,and it took me until now to finally do it
Also, Another wip, I wanna shade it a little
Also,plz, the don't look at the sword...I know it's crooked
I can NOT believe I got tagged be not one,but TWO of you!!!
First is :iconcaleola: I'm sorry for the late,late,late reply...but I'm doing this by it was kinda hard to do it so fast...

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to tag 13 people.
6. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
8. You can't say you don't do tags
Ma 13 facts:
1. My birthstones are Garnet and Rosequartz (apparently! Man, I was so suprised!)

2. My birthday is apparently the same as Virginia Wolfe  and Alicia Keys and famous activist for women's rights
3. Ironic to all the stuff I draw I'm actually female (maybe someone didn't know...)
4. I'm obese aparently ( or just fat if you will)
5. I'm African American and half Jamaican because if my father being from there
6. I lived with my grandmother and mother until I turned 9 (when she died)
7. I like veggie pizza (but not caesars pizza,blegh!)
8. I don't like spicy food (I have tiny nostrils so it burns way worse than it should when I eat it)
9. I really liked Nintendo stuff until I got my ps4 which is broken cause of personal reason...
10. I'm kinda of a secretive/private person (cause I guess that's how my life has always been)
11. I just finish going to high school like yesterday and I'm graduating in June and technically on the 27th of May
12. I have two younger (and very annoying) brothers  
13. AND,I just recently found out that I like Blueberry Milk!!! (But y'all already know that!)

"1. Hi, what do you think about this?>[link](<its a video!)
Dats messed up!!! *hides in a hole...

1.  Now would you like some Wilkins coffee?!? I don't know!!!!!*wimpers  

1. Good answer! What's your favorite food?

  Hm...I looked lots of food! But I think that at the moment it would have to be churros and funnel cake and flan! *mouth waters...

1. Yeah, I love that too! Now what's your favorite medium to work with?

I'm school,it would be paint and art sticks but on my sketches,it would have to be pens/sharpies and markers!

1. Good to know! Who's your favorite character(s)?(From anime or manga or books or games,etc...)

again,I love lots of cartoons/anime/games/etc.  But at the moment my fav character is me I from overwatch! (I haven't played the game or anything,but she is just the literal cutest thing;and she reminds me of my self) and alphs from undertale (for the same reason)

1. Interesting!Do you have a super power? ( I know you have!)
Yep!! I got super strength and magic (duh! Only the best powers!)
1. I knew you would tell me! What do you do most of the time with your super power?
*serious expression* Protecting the people I love *happy expression* eating sweets!

1. I knew it! Now, be sincere, would you smooch a ghost?

Sure!! If I could feel it!

1. Me too! Your favorite genre of game?
Funny it used to survival horror but now it's mostly simulations!

1. Never hear of that! Now listen to the sea, what's telling you?
     It's telling me..."did you know that cashews come from a fruit?!"

1. Oh, that's really interesting! I'm running out of question, would you ask me something?

Have you ever heard...of blueburry milk?!?

1. 42! What do you do when you get bored?

Draw you silly goose! And train!

1. Good, 'cause I'm getting bored with this questions! Oh, is the last one, YEAH!...ah, ummh...don't know!;A; WOULD HUG A BOOK?

Books are the best!!! So yeah!"
And the second one is :iconlarry-the-beaver:

1) Must post all the rules!
2) Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3) Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own.
4) Literally tag 13 people.
5) You can't say you don't do tags.
6) Tag backs are allowed.
7) You must make a journal entry.
8) Must be done in a week ot you must listen to whatever the tagger says.
9) Be creative with the title

"Mah questions:
1) Can you play an instrument?

I didn't in middle school
I played the saxophone

2) How many CDs do you have in your home?

None (for personal reasons)

3) If you could resurrect a person, who would he/she be?

My grandmother to hear her voice one last time (strangle I know...)

4) Favourite movie saga?

I don't know...Harry Potter?

5) Favourite platform game (Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros...)?

Ooooo,well,I don't really have favorite
But if I were to say one I have to say...
Super smash bros!

6) What would you do if you had your YouTube channel? If you already have one, what would you do if you wanted to restarted it?

Cooking stuff,gaming stuff,art stuff,reactions to stuff

7) Do you watch sports?


8) What is your future aspiration?

I would like to become an animator/illustrator or cartoonist!

9) Favourite book?

At the moment, The book series, "the testing"

10) What was your best vacation ever?

I don't really go on vacations,but when I was younger,I used to go on a Christian retreat camp

11) Favourite day of the week?

Friday and Saturday!

12) Favourite month of the year?

January (duh,ma birthdays the best!,also I like the cold!)

13) What sport do you practise?

I don't really like or practice any... But I kinda like cricket! "

Here are the questions I made up:

My little questions for you:
* Do you like waffles? Pancakes?

* What's you opinion of bears?!?

* What's your favorite type of music?

*  What's your favorite game/cartoon/anime/etc?

*  Fav character from that?

* Your favorite type of animal? And,would you want it for a pet?

*  I'm all about them favorites aren't I? What's your favorite color?

*  Do you like books? What's your favorite to read?

*  What is your happiest memory?

*  Saddest one? (I'm super sorry...)

*  If you had a super/magic power,what would it be?

* Do ya like boys,or gurls more? (Wasn't meant to be sexy,just,ya know,a question...)

* What's your favorite activity/sport?"


And ma tags!!:
:iconremaninglife: :iconchastil13: :icontriforcelegendx: :icontemporarywizard:
:icondiseased-crab: :iconevilmeep: :icondb1993:
:iconrazorsketches: :iconcomet0ne: :iconkimpossiblove: :icongoldenheromc: :iconxxdigiradiancexx: :iconthedreamer843:
I'm finally...FINALLY DONE...
  • Listening to: freaking out by mystery skullz and promise by kid
  • Reading: books
  • Watching: Dagachi Karachi
  • Playing: injustice
  • Eating: ma hairs
  • Drinking: kool aid


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